Our Path Through 2024… and Beyond!

“Anti-racism is not a posture, it’s a practice.”

SURJ Executive Director, Erin Heaney

Last week, almost 1000 people from the SURJ network logged onto our mass meeting to commit to action with us this year. We know 2024 is going to be a lot, so it was powerful to ground in the stakes of this moment and our commitment to the work together.

At the event, we shared our vision for how we’ll use a block and build strategy to elect more favorable political conditions and grow our people power to advance racial and economic justice in the long term. 

We’re kicking off the year defending members of the Squad being challenged in their primary races because of their progressive stances on issues like defunding the police, bold climate action, and ceasefire. Then, we will pivot to block authoritarianism from spreading further in the federal government by organizing 12 million white voters in strategic districts in key swing states.

We have big plans for this year– and we need you to pull them off! Here’s some ways you can take action with us in the months ahead: sign up here for one (or many).

Host a watch party March 7 or 10 after Super Tuesday . Gather a few friends in your home to tune into a livestream with SURJ after Trump becomes the de facto Republican presidential nominee. We’ll ground in the stakes of this moment and give you and your community clear action steps for this year. 
Sign up to be a Squad Defender to make calls, texts, and even canvass for members of the Squad in their primary races this year. 
Join us in Pittsburgh to canvass for Summer Lee’s election in March– paid for by a SURJ partner.Donate to power the work.

As SURJ Executive Director Erin Heaney shared on the call, if you’re in the SURJ network, you’re one of 236 million white people in this country who have said yes to taking responsibility for our folks. You’re at the center of this project– and we hope you’ll take big, bold commitments to act with us this year. 

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