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Welcome Wednesday!

Whether you’re new to SURJ or have been with us before, we’re glad you’re here! We’re the largest organization in North America that explicitly organizes white communities for racial and economic justice. Sign up to hear about what SURJ does, why we do it, how we’ll win, and how you can join our team!

Show up for the squad: Summer Lee

Summer Lee has consistently championed our movement’s priorities in Congress on issues from calling for an immediate Ceasefire to housing justice to climate justice and more. She poses a threat to the billionaire class, which is why she’s facing vicious attacks by the far right and billionaire class in the lead-up to her Pittsburgh, PA congressional primary on April 23. But together—with people-powered organizing—we can balance the playing field. Summer’s district is majority white, and SURJ is uniquely positioned to have crucial conversations with white voters by phone, text, and on the doors, to help our people see their shared interest in supporting a progressive agenda.

Zoom meeting with grid of SURJ staff members
Come grow the movement by calling SURJ supporters to invite them into the fight for racial justice! We gather each Tuesday to call our people—other SURJ members and supporters who are looking for their place to plug in and get involved! It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with SURJ members across the country, hear their stories, and support them in deepening their involvement. Training and support are offered at the start so you’ll have everything you need to make calls! Just bring yourself and a phone.
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