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SURJ-Faith works to organize a multi-tradition base of white faith/spiritual leaders into racial and economic justice campaigns taking concrete action rooted in our shared interest in ending white supremacy.

We have strong movement partnerships with aligned people of color-led and multi-racial faith organizations working to dismantle white supremacy via economic justice and abolition, and/or undermining the Christian right. SURJ Faith is a space for white faith/spiritual folks of all traditions. Disaffected white Christians, especially those who are poor/working class, rural, and/or disabled, have an irresistible political and spiritual home in our work/movement. At SURJ Faith, we know white Christianity is the moral and theological backbone for white supremacy, and white Christians play a unique role in maintaining the racist status quo and why organizing white Christians away from white supremacy is a key part of our work.

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Faith resources

A wealth of resources from the SURJ faith community about anti-racism, combatting antisemitism, and tools for congregations.

Community Safety for All

A toolkit with concrete ways for white faith/spiritual communities to be involved in the work to #DefundPolice.

The Word is Resistance

Our weekly podcast for white Christians, bringing an anti-racist lens to the weekly lectionary readings to support our work towards collective liberation.

“Please move away from the sidelines and unite together — regardless of your faith or religious practice — to seek an end to hatred and violence . . . What happened to our family is part of a larger attack on Black and Brown bodies . . . We call on all people, public officials, faith leaders and Americans from all walks of life to help address the festering sores of racism as it spurs an unforgiving culture of violence.”

Rev. Waltrina Middleton, longtime organizer, whose cousin Rev. Depayne Middleton, was killed in the massacre at Emanuel AME Church. 

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