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image shows the NPR logo under two different photos: one on the left is a close up picture of a white woman with brown hair. The other is a shot of a white woman with her arms crossed wearing a scarf in black and white.

In the fight against white nationalism, white people are key

White supporters of racial justice around Buffalo have watched white nationalist ideologies creep into their communities. They’ve mobilized to convince people that white nationalism is not the answer.

The mass shooting that killed 10 Black people at a grocery store

image shows a white woman sitting with her hands on her lap, laughing

Will Our Bodies Know What to Do at the End of the World?

Queers at the End of the World is a thoughtful, nerdy, and very queer conversation on the apocalypse. On the podcast, we discuss classic and contemporary novels, poetry, comics, games, tv-shows, and films that help us understand our dystopian moment—and

Illustration shows a house with a plentitude of flowers growing from it, with a POC couple looking fondly at it.

When Reparations Grow From the Grassroots

by Ray Levy Uyeda, Yes! Magazine

A Grassroots Culture Shift for Reparations

Until federal reparations are actualized, grassroots organizations across the country are heeding the call to right these wrongs. 

“I felt, if I’m going to wait for the government

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