SURJ Announcements

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New SURJ video: “Right On Time”

From rising temperatures to rising authoritarianism, it can feel like any action we take right now is too late. As white people organizing white communities, we have the opportunity to invite our people in with an alternative message: “You’re right

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SURJ’s three year strategy, Part 2

The first prong of SURJ’s three year strategy is to stop authoritarianism from taking over the federal government in 2024. 

For the next three years, we will be working to mobilize millions of white voters to:

  • Keep the US
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Graphic shows white text on a black background that reads "block, build, grow."

SURJ Launches Midterm campaign: BLOCK, BUILD, GROW

At a time of rising authoritarianism and increased attempts to undermine our democratic systems, Showing Up For Racial Justice announces our Midterm Election 2022 program, BLOCK, BUILD, GROW.

Our 2022 Midterm program is designed to to BLOCK white supremacist organizing,

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Racism’s cost for white people

“To fight for a fairer system, the working class would have needed collective action, which has always been in tension with the pull of American racism.”– Heather McGhee, The Sum of Us 

Those in power use racism to

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