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Image shows a white nonbinary person smiling in front of a yellow-green gradient background. They are wearing a white button up shirt with a small black print, plugs in their ears, sunglasses hanging from their shirt and a black newsboy cap.

Moving From Passive Racism to Active Anti-Racism

We all have our own stories of transformation- stories of how we got activated to fight for racial justice and the communities that helped us along the way. Today, we’re sharing some of the story of Dahlia Ferlito, co-founder of

the graphic shows white text on a teal background photo of the capitol insurrection on January 6th, 2021. The text reads "The sheriff was hired by the Republic to keep the Republic white -- James Baldwin."

How sheriffs play a role in upholding white supremacy

Many of us know the story of Selma, AL, where the Black Freedom Movement took bold action  through direct actions to end segregation and fight for Black voting rights. Segregationist Sheriff Bull Connors in Birmingham, AL led violent attacks against

Take Action to Stop the Line 3 Pipeline

In this time of immense climate catastrophe and inadequate government response, Indigenous-led movements across the country are fighting for a survivable future for us all. SURJ, Indigenous Solidarity Network, Catalyst Project, Rising Tide North America, and thousands of others are

Take Action to #DefundHate Against Immigrants

Each year, the federal government spends over $25 Billion on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to fund a system that cages and abuses immigrants and people seeking asylum at our borders. Will you take

FREE Concert for Jobs, Climate, & Care in Philly Aug 13

Our communities can’t wait any longer for a path to recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic. We need Congress to stay in session until they pass a legislative package that supports working people with meaningful investments in jobs, climate, care, housing,

Building People Power in Rural Appalachian Ohio

The President, Congress, and the Supreme Court just failed millions of tenants across the country by caving to the pressure of greedy landlords and developers and allowing the CDC Eviction Moratorium to end.

For many families renting, especially those in

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