Post-Super Tuesday: We Need Your Help!

Trump handily swept the GOP primaries yesterday and is now the de facto nominee for president. The power of the far right, racist agenda he supports is stronger than ever—from school boards to the Speaker of the House. 

A MAGA victory over the presidency and Congress in 2024 will be dangerous for all of us and threaten the very existence of democracy in this country. As white people who care about justice, we are clear that undermining white support for Trump is critical work this year. 

But an authoritarian victory in November isn’t inevitable—beating Trump will take smart strategy and committed organizing. We have a plan to win this year—and we need you to help us pull it off. 

Can you give a gift today to help us pull off this work in 2024?

Alongside Trump’s victory last night, hundreds of thousands of Democrats voted “uncommitted” or abstained from a Biden vote in protest of his administration’s policy on Gaza. Since Oct. 7, over 30,000 Palestinians—one-third being children—have been killed by the Israeli government. Nearly 2 million have been displaced from their homes, millions more starving and lacking access to clean water or basic healthcare. What’s happening is morally unconscionable, and it isn’t good for any of us. Our government pours billions into this war and then defunds schools, healthcare, and housing. 

Changing course on Gaza is part of what it will take for Biden to defeat Trump. We should not underestimate Trump’s support and electability. To defeat him, Democrats need to harness the same historic coalition that came together to beat him in 2020 to defeat him in 2024. 

I’m proud that SURJ is working on both fronts. We have already begun our work to reach 12 million white voters in strategic swing states to block Trump from the Presidency. And alongside our partners, thousands of SURJ members across the country will continue to take action to demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine. 

In solidarity,

Erin Heaney

SURJ Executive Director

P.S. Tomorrow night, thousands of SURJ members are tuning in to a livestream at 7 pm to make sense of this moment. Register here to join them!

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