Grace Aheron

From Scarcity to Solidarity Toolkit

After the racist murders in Buffalo, NY in 2022 it became widely known that the shooter subscribed to the “Great Replacement Theory,” a racist ideology that claims white people’s political power is intentionally and systematically being reduced by

SURJ Response to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Today, we at Showing Up for Racial Justice are outraged and grieving in light of the Supreme Court ruling that overturns the right to an abortion in every state. Though it was expected, this is a heavy and difficult day

SURJ Ohio’s Transformative Organizing

This year in Georgia, we all saw what is possible when we follow the lead of visionary Black-led organizing and move critical margins of white voters to support racial and economic justice. We know these momentous wins didn’t happen overnight

One year since George Floyd was murdered

One year ago, George Floyd was murdered and Black people led millions of us out into the streets to demand an end to racist violence and murders by police.

Thank you for your ongoing support of SURJ’s work! If you

Take Action to end ICE & mass detention now

As you know, each year hundreds of thousands of immigrants, many seeking protection from persecution, torture, or impoverishment are detained in jails and prisons across the country that are notorious for deplorable, inhumane conditions, rife with extreme negligence, abuse, and

Take action to support Palestine this week

Like you, we are watching the escalating use of lethal force and violence by the Israeli military against Palestinians with immense concern.

As white people in the US, many of our beliefs about Palestine have been shaped by racist and

Moving millions away from incarceration in Georgia

What does it look like to move millions of public funds away from incarceration and instead invest in the communities most harmed by prisons? And how do we get there? Black organizers in the South are leading these efforts and

Spring 2021 Donor Update

In this moment, as we see the rise of white nationalist and white supremacist violence and voter suppression bills introduced in 40 state houses, the right is pouring resources into maintaining the loyalty of the majority of white people and