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graphic has text that reads "abolishing slavery, for real wtih Worth Rises." It is white text over a black textured background.

Take action to #EndTheException

Slavery is an evil that has loomed over our nation since its founding. Its racist legacy — carried through Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, mass incarceration, and police brutality — continues to threaten the lives of Black people, and other

10 Actions for Indigenous Solidarity

On our recent webinar Rethinking Thanksgiving: Solidarity with Indigenous Resistance, we heard about bold Indigenous resistance to ongoing settler colonialism and climate change, which we know is fueled by the current extractive economic system. AND we heard the call

graphic is a red background with white text that reads "reparations day of action, HB 40"

Ask your Congressperson to support HB 40

Those who benefit from the status quo saturate our culture with this lie: if Black people and people of color win, white people lose. We know this false logic only benefits the wealthy few. We know that there is plenty

Monthly Action Hour Zaps

Looking for an easy way to plug into the work for justice and to gain community organizing skills? Our action zaps are back this fall to support the work of our partners to win racial and economic justice! Join us

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