Southern Organizing Projects

"As the South goes, so goes the nation." – W.E.B. DuBois

The right holds power in the country by maintaining control of the South. They maintain control by deeply investing to block working class white people from forming alliances with people of color. SURJ works to undermine the power of the right and build multiracial solidarity in the South by organizing in majority-white small towns and rural places.

Members of BCLP stand with home is where the heart is sign


Southern Crossroads Organizing Project (SCOPE) is a network of local community groups and statewide projects in Tennessee and the Deep South focused on housing rights and healthcare.

Kentucky People's Union New Picture

Appalachian People’s Union

Drawing on the deep history of Appalchian freedom fighters, Appalachian People’s Union (APU) brings working white Appalachian people into local community projects fighting for justice in the Appalachian region of the South.

Your donation to SURJ helps grow our organizing work in the South.

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