The Jacksonville murders were a product of intentional radicalization

This weekend, three Black people were murdered in Jacksonville, Florida by a white person influenced by racist ideology. Our hearts are broken and we are holding the impacted families and broader community in our hearts as they grieve.  

Racist political violence, especially against Black people and trans people, is escalating in this moment. It’s being stoked by the highest levels of government down to grassroots groups and radicalized young people, like the shooter this weekend.  

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and other authoritarian politicians enshrine white supremacist ideology into law, banning teaching about racism and attacking efforts to increase diversity in schools and workplaces. While he is publicly “condemning” the violence that took place this weekend, he has blood on his hands as his rhetoric and policy drive this kind of thinking from the governor’s mansion. At the local level, Moms for Liberty and other groups organized around white scarcity become foot soldiers for these racist ideologies.  

This weekend’s heinous act of racist violence did not happen in a vacuum in Florida, but was rather a product of intentional efforts. Our organizing work can’t bring back the lives lost. But we can recommit to the work today to ensure that we shift the political climates that allow racist killers to be emboldened. I spent my early organizing life in Florida, and I’m proud that SURJ is doing our part to stop DeSantis’ rise to power nationally.  

In May, we took action with the Dream Defenders, Florida Rising, Hope Community Center, Florida Immigrant Coalition and others to blockade Governor DeSantis’ office, protesting the multiple vicious attacks on marginalized communities in the state.   

And our chapters across Florida and the country are fighting back in their local communities– organizing support for trans kids, combating racist policies, taking on work at the school board level, and supporting the work of our partners.

SURJ is part of a thriving ecosystem of racial justice organizations in Florida who are building power and fighting back against DeSantis and his policies. Recommit to fighting racism and authoritarianism in white communities with SURJ today:

With gratitude–

Julia Daniel
SURJ Assistant Director

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