New SURJ video: “Right On Time”

From rising temperatures to rising authoritarianism, it can feel like any action we take right now is too late. As white people organizing white communities, we have the opportunity to invite our people in with an alternative message: “You’re right on time.”

Check out our latest video, “Right on Time,” that details why we organize white people and how SURJ is working to block authoritarianism in 2024 and build a white working class base to win beyond the election. 

Invite your community into this powerful work by sharing the video on social media– FacebookTwitterInstagram– to remind folks that they’re not too late, but rather right on time. 

This is the kind of disciplined hope required of these times: to fully face the reality of our present circumstances and to take imaginative, powerful action together.

Donate to support our work to bring more and more people onto our boat and into the work. 

With care,

Erin Heaney

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