Image of a person with curly dark blue-black hair and a pink shirt holding a "trans rights yall" sign with her arm around her child in a brick-walled room with supporters behind her.

Kentucky’s largest school district is deciding whether to defy new anti-trans law

“A JCPS policy committee crafted two options in response to new state restrictions on trans student rights: one proposal upholds, the other defies.

“As the new school year approaches, the Jefferson County Board of Education is deciding how it will respond to a directive from state lawmakers to impose new restrictions on transgender students…

Rising fourth grader Justice Chenault, who uses they/them pronouns, said they hope the board decides on the version that defies the state law.

“I sometimes worry that they’re gonna say ‘we will comply with it,’ and that is just going to make me feel not as safe at school,” they said.

Justice’s mom Anice Chenault said she understood that defying state law comes with legal risk.

“But I say ‘take that risk,’” Chenault said. “Our trans kids take a risk every day when they walk out the front door and walk into schools.”

Chenault is a member of Showing Up for Racial Justice’s Leadership Team.

article by Jess Clark, Louisville Public Media

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