Building a Culture of Resistance to State Repression

Webinar description: Because our movement has been organizing so effectively to defund the police under the call from Black leadership, and mass numbers of folks are taking to the streets in multiracial formation, the Trump administration is responding in ways similar to fascist responses designed to break movements and dismantle our already weak democratic processes. He’s experimenting with tactics that he began trying in anti-Muslim efforts, and anti-immigrant efforts at the border, and in ways that communities of color are all too familiar with across the country and the globe. This escalation, however, is unprecedented and dangerous.  We can’t allow this to happen. The repression in Portland is spreading quickly to Black and Brown communities in cities across the country under the guise of fighting crime but meant to disrupt our powerful movement and criminalize communities of color and poor white communities.  

Join us Tuesday August 4th at 8 ET for a rich webinar program on Resisting State Repression – Portland and Beyond. We will hear from Nelini Stamp of Working Families Party, Rahula Janowski and Donna Willmott of Catalyst Project, Portland organizers on the ground, the National Lawyers Guild, and activists from Charlottesville.


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