Image shows a white woman with long brown hair wearing a red bandana and a black jacket. She is speaking into a microphone and holding her hand on her heart.

Carla F Wallace

Board member

Carla F Wallace (she/they) was born Louisville, Kentucky on Cherokee, Shawnee and Osage land. She grew up between a farm in Oldham County and in Amsterdam, Netherlands where her grandparents hid communists and others resisting the nazi occupation of Holland, under the floorboards. She grew up owning class with a fierce commit to class struggle from her mother’s working class side of the family. Carla’s activism includes anti imperialism and international solidarity work, including against the Occupation of Palestine, and organizing for affordable housing, against police violence and the KKK and electoral work as a way to build power for a people and earth first vision for change. Carla is a co founder of the Fairness Campaign (a struggle for queer liberation with a commit to centering racial justice, a co founder of SURJ and of Louisville SURJ. She finds family in her comrades and in beloved community.

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