Past actions

  • 2023 All In for All Students Campaign
    At SURJ, we believe that every kid deserves access to quality public education and a school where they feel safe and supported. This is why we launched our campaign “All In for All Students,” which brought together parents and community leaders to rally around school board candidates and school board initiatives that support healthy learning environments for ALL students – no matter their race, zip code, or who they want to take to prom.
  • Fight Like Hell for Kentucky 2023
    In the 2023 Kentucky gubernatorial election, SURJ National organized to support the re-election of Governor Andy Beshear in our Fight Like Hell for Kentucky campaign. SURJ has deep roots in Kentucky, and this electoral work added to the people power we built in 2022 in contributing to a statewide effort to beat Kentucky’s anti-abortion Amendment… Read more: Fight Like Hell for Kentucky 2023
  • Louisville Judge Slate Ousts Judge Who Signed No-Knock Warrant, Elects Judges to Reduce Cash Bail
    Over 100 volunteers with Louisville SURJ contacted over 2,500 residents in majority-white neighborhoods and distributed tens of thousands of copies of the Judge endorsement slate to Jefferson County voters. Louisville SURJ has been working for years to end the practice of cash bail, which holds people who have not been convicted of a crime in cages because they do not have the ability to pay. Eleven people have died in Louisville’s jail in the year before the election. 
  • Georgia Runoff & General Election 2022
    In December we celebrated that organizers across the state of Georgia helped power Senator Raphael Warnock over the finish line to bring us closer to a progressive majority in the Senate. Good organizing not only wins elections, but grows the people power we need in the days ahead. Progressive organizations led by Black women in Georgia have been building power across… Read more: Georgia Runoff & General Election 2022
  • Blocked: Kentucky’s anti-abortion Amendment 2
    SURJ members made more than 110,000 calls as part of Protect Kentucky Access, a powerful, multi-racial coalition in Kentucky, and blocked a near-total ban on abortion. This is how we beat the Right. SURJ brings white people into multiracial fights by engaging real issues that affect them. When we organize, we win. SURJ members held tens… Read more: Blocked: Kentucky’s anti-abortion Amendment 2
  • Attica Scott for Congress 2022
    We are building lasting infrastructure to grow progressive power in Kentucky for the long haul. Despite the defeat of Attica Scott in a Democratic primary on Tuesday, we are inspired, driven, and hopeful. Landscapes don’t shift overnight– and this is just the beginning of the momentum we are building to carry into the days and… Read more: Attica Scott for Congress 2022
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