Julia, a white woman with long blonde hair wears a black Showing Up for Racial Justice shirt. She talks to an older woman with white hair and a light green sweatshirt in front of a light blue single-family home.

Georgia Runoff & General Election 2022

In December we celebrated that organizers across the state of Georgia helped power Senator Raphael Warnock over the finish line to bring us closer to a progressive majority in the Senate. Good organizing not only wins elections, but grows the people power we need in the days ahead. Progressive organizations led by Black women in Georgia have been building power across the state for decades, and SURJ was proud to do our part in majority-white communities. 

In the runoff alone, over 700 SURJ members took action with us. We sent over 1 million texts, had nearly 100,000 conversations on the phone, and hit the doors on the ground in the final weeks to make sure white people turned out alongside our partners of color. 

After the disappointing polling about white people in Georgia coming out of the general election, we’re proud that SURJ’s organizing was a clear example of white people taking responsibility for organizing other white folks away from the right and into progressive multiracial coalitions. It illustrates what we know is true: white people are moveable. We just have to engage them. 

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