NY Personal Injury [Case Types]

What kind of cases does a personal injury attorney handle?

When looking for an attorney it’s very important to find the right one, someone with expertise with your specific concern. You may have seen ads, billboards and commercials advertising the services of a personal injury attorney and you might be wondering what kind of cases they take on.

What exactly is a Queens personal injury attorney? They are attorneys who deal with cases where an individual was harmed or injured due to someone else’s negligence. This can be an individual, a corporation, an agency etc.

Personal Injury Attorneys handle a broad range of cases including but not limited to the following:

  • Transportation accidents: This can include any mode of transportation such as cars, bicycles, motorcycles, trains, and airplanes. Motor vehicle accidents are the most common type of transportation accident and lead to the greatest number of personal injury suits.
  • Medical Malpractice: When a medical decision or procedure (outside of the accepted standards) or negligence by staff results in the death or injury of an individual, a medical malpractice suit can be filed. An example would be if a nurse accidentally overdosed a patient leading to their death or if a doctor delays doing a C-section, which leads to the baby suffering permanent brain damage.
  • Wrongful Death: Any time someone’s behavior or actions lead to another individual’s death. For example a gas leak in a house which leads to an explosion and results in the death of an individual. The survivors of the deceased person may choose to file a suit against the gas company. Car accidents, medical malpractice and violent crimes can also be filed as a wrongful death suit. For example, when OJ Simpson was acquitted of Nicole Simpson’s murder, her family filed and won a wrongful death suit against him.
  • Construction Accidents: An injury sustained due to lack of safety in a construction site or as result of not following the safety standards. For instance, blocks of concrete falling on a worker because they were not secured properly.
  • Defective Products: Manufacturing errors can mean consumers end up purchasing defective or harmful products. A case can be made against the manufacturer if they failed to recall or repair the defect. For example, brakes that do not function well on a car which then leads to a car accident.
  • Police Brutality: Unwarranted abuse (physical or verbal), violence, racial profiling and false arrests from the police can warrant civil action.
  • Fire Accidents: A fire or explosion caused by defective construction or electrical wiring, improperly installed gas tanks etc. leading to serious injury, expensive property damage and death. The responsible party may be held liable for the damages.
  • “Slip and fall” Cases: The owner of an establishment or property is legally and sometimes personally liable for maintaining its security. If an individual gets injured because of negligence on the owner’s part, may be liable for compensation and damages. For example, leaving a patch of ice by the front door which results in an individual slipping and hurting themselves, or if inadequate security leads to a robbery or assault.
  • General Negligence: This category is hard to define but it can include any action or event where negligence or wrongdoing lead to injury, death or harm.

 This is by no means an exhaustive list and are just some examples of the various types of cases that are handled by a personal injury attorney.

Personal injury is a fairly broad and ambiguous term and the best way to know if you have a case against someone is to speak to a personal injury attorney. Most firms and attorneys provide free consultation, so make an appointment and find out if you have a case.