SURJ Announcements

Don’t Fight Fascism Alone!

Two years ago today, a broad coalition of white nationalist and white supremacist organizations, backed by powerful allies in the government, attacked the US Capitol. 

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SURJ Membership!

In these times of intense crisis and isolation, we all need a crew. Will you officially join ours? We’re kicking off our first SURJ National Membership

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Ohio School Board Wins!

On the heels of a victory in Kentucky last week, we’re celebrating that five of our school board candidates won their races in Ohio! Our candidates

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Rethinking Thanksgiving

Through the leadership of Indigenous people, so many of us have come into an understanding of the violent history of Thanksgiving and have changed our

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Palestinian Solidarity

“The idea that we must wait until all of our feelings are neat and orderly before we act is a fantasy.”– Morgan Bassichis, with adrienne maree

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