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Sheriff Battle Heating Up in Buffalo, NY

Across the country, the SURJ network is organizing towards abolition. We know the vision set by Black movement leaders is a path towards a world where human life is valued more than systems of punishment and control. The road away

Image is the logo for the Rowan County Listening Project: the words "Rowan County" are written in blue while the words "Listening Project" are in Orange, over an outline of Rowan County.

Breaking the Right in Kentucky

Last week, we shared how SURJ’s organizing in Kentucky will connect tens of thousands of voters next year. Exciting and transformational candidates like Senate candidate Charles Booker and Congressional candidate Attica Scott are possible because of years of organizing in

Ableism: A Tool of White Supremacy

SURJ Disability meets weekly to build community and take action with other white disabled people. This week, in the first of several conversations, we’re inviting the broader SURJ community to explore the many ways that SURJ’s organizational guiding stars of

SURJ’s new look to face the work ahead

A note from our national director, Erin Heaney:

Dear SURJ family, 

This year, we have experienced unprecedented growth. As Black leadership across the world led people into the streets and into action in support of Black lives, we welcomed thousands

SURJ Ohio’s Transformative Organizing

This year in Georgia, we all saw what is possible when we follow the lead of visionary Black-led organizing and move critical margins of white voters to support racial and economic justice. We know these momentous wins didn’t happen overnight

One year since George Floyd was murdered

One year ago, George Floyd was murdered and Black people led millions of us out into the streets to demand an end to racist violence and murders by police.

Thank you for your ongoing support of SURJ’s work! If you

Take Action to end ICE & mass detention now

As you know, each year hundreds of thousands of immigrants, many seeking protection from persecution, torture, or impoverishment are detained in jails and prisons across the country that are notorious for deplorable, inhumane conditions, rife with extreme negligence, abuse, and

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