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Building for the long haul in the South

We are building lasting infrastructure to grow progressive power in Kentucky for the long haul. Despite the defeat of Attica Scott in a Democratic primary on Tuesday, we are inspired, driven, and hopeful. Landscapes don’t shift overnight– and this is

graphic shows an outline of Attica Scott with her hand up to her chin, along with the words "SURJ is proud to endorse Attica Scott for Congress, KY 03"

SURJ Endorses Attica Scott for KY-03

Can you imagine a working class Black woman from Kentucky- who was a leader in the uprisings against police brutality in Louisville in 2020- elected to US Congress to challenge the power of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul?

Attica Scott-

Book launch: How our movements defeated Trump

“Thanks to… this immensely valuable collection, the lessons gleaned from an array of successful organizing strategies will not be lost to the historical amnesia that often claims such local but transformative work.” — Angela Y. Davis

Multi-racial grassroots movements defeated

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