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What If We Just Stopped Calling the Cops?

By Emma Ockerman at Vox
Illustration by Grace Shin/VICE News

George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis Police Department Officer Derek Chauvin one year ago today, an event that spurned the largest mass uprising the globe has even seen and bringing

What to do instead of calling the police

By Anna North at Vox
Photo Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In the midst of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis Police Department officer who murdered George Floyd, SURJ’s Chapter Network Coordiantor Misha Viets van Dyk was interviewed by Vox to discuss alternatives

If We’re Not Organizing White People, Somebody Else Is

SURJ staff members Erin Heaney, Evelyn Lynn, and Sarah Stockholm contributed to Organizing Upgrade’s series of “Hot Takes” in the 2020 election season:

After Obama’s election, we saw a rise in the strategic use of racism to keep working

Movements Mobilize to Interrupt a Coup

By Marcy Rein, Organizing Upgrade
Vocalize Protest Persist Resist by Amanda Sanchez for Power to the Polls at

Right before the 2020 election, SURJ National Director spoke with Organizing Upgrade about the Right’s strategy to maintain power and SURJ’s efforts

Your big questions about race, answered

From CNN

SURJ’s Communications Director, Grace Aheron, spoke with CNN about how to engage with white people in conversations about race:

As a White person, how do I speak to my White friends about their racist beliefs?

Confronting your friends

Parishioners ‘show up’ for racial justice work

by Sophie Vodvarka with the National Catholic Reporter
Photo by Anice Chenault

SURJ Leadership Team Member Anice Chenault spoke with the National Catholic Reporter about her Catholic parish’s engagement in protests against the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY:


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