Image of protesters standing in a green park.

Protesters Gather in Newton to Condemn Massachusetts Family Institute

“I work in schools, and the idea that students’ access to information about their bodies and their sexuality being limited … I don’t think it has a place in schools,” said Rachel Adams, a rally participant and member of Boston’s branch of Showing Up for Racial Justice—a group that organizes white people to fight for racial and economic justice, according to its website. “I don’t think censorship is ever something you wanna encourage.”

A member of the Mass Feminist Struggle Committee—a Massachusetts-based group that focuses on fighting for reproductive rights, according to its Facebook page—spoke out against the MFI. The member, named Bert, stressed the need for unity among oppressed groups and said the MFI was not only an enemy of the LGBTQ+ community, but also an enemy of women.

“Our enemies are united and they scorn us in the streets, in our doctors offices, in our schools, and online,” Bert said. “I look around and see that we, too, are united and we, too, are ready to fight.”

Bert said the MFI and its audience fear social progress and in turn pass laws that hurt the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and women.

By Maria Stefanoudakis and Aidan Gravina, The Heights

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