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Will Our Bodies Know What to Do at the End of the World?

Queers at the End of the World is a thoughtful, nerdy, and very queer conversation on the apocalypse. On the podcast, we discuss classic and contemporary novels, poetry, comics, games, tv-shows, and films that help us understand our dystopian moment—and imagine what could come next.

Nat and Nino interview Sarah Stockholm, the National Network Strategic Campaigns Director for Showing Up for Racial Justice (aka SURJ). In the Spring of 2020, as the pandemic spread in U.S. prisons, Sarah organized white folks to support prison abolition in a campaign that got folks committed by asking them to tell their stories. We talk about storytelling and narrative as a way to bring white folks to action in the movement for racial justice, along with homecoming, escape, practice, rivers, and finding the people who can stand by you.

Click here to listen to the episode of Queers at the End of the World.

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