White People: We’ve got Work to do in 2024!

2024 is a critical year for beating back authoritarianism and bringing in thousands of people to movements for justice. We have a sharp plan to organize millions of white people into the multiracial coalitions that are needed for us to win, and we need your help this year to make it happen.

Join SURJ to launch our 2024 work at a mass meeting, “White people: we’ve got work to do in 2024!” on February 7 at 8 ET to hear about our plan to organize millions of white people, bring in thousands of new SURJ members, and deepen our community to face the year ahead. 

We’re kicking off the year by showing up to defend members of the Squad. Squad members have been at the forefront of fights in Congress to work to advance legislation that is most closely aligned with the visions of our movements: housing justice, expanding affordable healthcare, calling for a ceasefire, climate justice, taxing the rich– things white people have so much shared interest in winning. 

They have also been the targets of major attacks by the Far Right, white supremacist, and white nationalist forces, which we know will continue this year. In their primary races, the majority of voters are white, so alongside our partners, SURJ will show up to do our part by organizing thousands of white voters to support the Squad.

We’ll use the momentum of these primary races to swing into the federal election and beat back authoritarianism, defend the election results, and bring in thousands of new people to our movement. At our meeting, we’ll talk you through our plan to organize 12 million white people across 5 battleground states and share how you can get involved. 

This is a pivotal time when the stakes are higher and when we know thousands of white people will be looking for our leadership and to be plugged in. We’ve got a plan to rise to the moment, welcome them in, and mobilize thousands to accomplish our slice of the work.

It’s an undeniably challenging and devastating time. And we believe that one of the strongest antidotes to despair is reaching towards one another in collective action. 

There are two ways to make sure this work happens: join us on the 7th and make a gift to support this work. 

We need the people power to be able to reach out to millions of white people and we need the resources to power that machine. Can you make a gift today to ensure SURJ has the resources we need to show up big this critical year? 

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