Why is combating antisemitism part of fighting white supremacy?

In the midst of the Jewish High Holy days- the most sacred holidays on the Jewish calendar- we are deepening our commitment to combating antisemitism in ourselves and in our movements.

As Jews and non-Jews at SURJ, we know that challenging antisemitism is critical to undermining white supremacy and white nationalism. 

Going deeper on understanding how antisemitism works also builds our capacity to be in stronger solidarity with fights for Palestinian self-determination and freedom.

Here are three ways you can join us to learn from Jewish folks in our SURJ network and the broader movement about how you can show up in bold solidarity with Palestine and with fighting antisemitism: 

  1. “Combating Antisemitism” webinar on Thursday October 14th at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET 

We’ll break down how antisemitism upholds white supremacy historically and today, and how, in light of that connection, we can all show up more powerfully in combating antisemitism and fighting for the rights and dignity of Palestinians. We’ll be joined by Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg from Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council, Dove Kent, USA Director of Strategy and Outreach at Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism Project, and Enzi Tanner, LSW.

2. Monthly 3-part caucus series for white Jews active in SURJ, starting Sep. 30

For anyone who identifies as Jewish, of any or no denomination, religious or secular, by lineage or by choice who is active in the SURJ network. We’ll meet together to build relationships and support each other to show up fully as Jews with a deep commitment to racial justice work, we’ll deepen our analysis and understanding of our collective stake in SURJ’s work on abolition, economic justice and ending white supremacy; address our particular position as people both privileged by white supremacy and marginalized by antisemitism and Christian dominance; and create brave space to engage in dialogue on Israel/Palestine and the necessity of Palestinian liberation.  

3. Spend time with these resources from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice:

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