Progressives want to grow the ‘White Stripe’ of a multiracial coalition

“A group of progressive organizations is banding together with hopes that not even a seven nation army could hold them back from electoral victory in 2024.

The initiative — dubbed the White Stripe Project — aims to woo white voters in greater numbers to liberal causes and supply empirical data to challenge the conventional ways Democrats traditionally engage with this crucial voting bloc.

Without white voters, organizers admit, taking back the House and defending control of the White House and Senate will likely be an impossible mission.

“We know that white communities organized by the right get in the way of winning on just about every issue that we care about,” said Erin Heaney, executive director of Showing Up for Racial Justice, one of the principal groups spearheading the project.

“White voters have disproportionate political power,” she told organizers in remarks during the Monday afternoon launch of the project, shared exclusively with The Recast. “We need a strategy for engaging and organizing them alongside communities of color.”

There is growing frustration, particularly among Democratic activists, that the party’s efforts trying to win back white voters, particularly those without college degrees, is ineffective. This voting bloc has broken for Republicans for the last four election cycles.”

by Brakkton Booker, Politico

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