SURJ’s 3 Year Strategy to Stop Authoritarianism, Part 1

“SURJ has taught me the practice of hope as a joyful discipline. To resist the pacifying, demobilizing culture of doom scrolling, cynicism, resignation, and passive critique.”- Shea, a SURJ member on our mass call

What is the role and responsibility of white people who care about racial justice, right now under these conditions?

Last night at our webinar with over 900 SURJ members and friends, we shared our answer to that critical question: Block and defeat the forces driving us towards authoritarianism and build the majorities needed to secure transformational change by growing our movement.  

If you missed the call, you can watch or review the recording and transcript from last night. 

And you can join the work ahead by:
Signing up to join our organizing work in your local community or critical battleground state
Making a meaningful donation to ensure we can carry out our plan 

I am so proud that SURJ is at a moment in our organization’s evolution where we are poised to make a big impact. Over the next week, we’ll be sharing more about each piece of our strategy– from our electoral swing state plans in 2024 to the Southern, small town organizing we’re kicking off this year. 

The millions of white people in the streets in the summer of 2020 and the big numbers that joined us last night confirmed: there are so many of us who care deeply about racial justice and who are ready to get to work. Join us! 

In solidarity, 
Erin Heaney

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