SURJ Membership!

In these times of intense crisis and isolation, we all need a crew. Will you officially join ours?

We’re kicking off our first SURJ National Membership drive today with a goal of 1000 official SURJ National Members over the next month!

As most of you know, SURJ was born in 2009 and has grown from a constellation of affiliated groups to a powerful national organization with over 160 chapters, local projects across the South, and ongoing campaign work that is delivering wins and developing leaders. But one thing hasn’t changed in those 14 years: we are powered by our members.

In 2024, we’re facing down a critical election with high stakes. And we know our work won’t stop there: we need an enduring base of organized white people across the country to win the justice agendas our movements are fighting for. To help get us there, root deeper with SURJ in the year ahead: become an official SURJ National Member!

Why membership? From card-carrying union members to the Black Panther Party to dozens of other social justice organizations like SURJ, movement groups have always been made up of official members. This move will allow us to deepen our collective commitment to our community and thus become more powerful and effective in the actions we take. And it’s a way to offer a deeper sense of belonging and investment in folks who opt-in to work with us. 

Why join as a member?

You want to win. You want millions and millions of white people to move towards justice movements. When our organizations are tighter, more aligned, and more deeply committed, we are more powerful.

As a SURJ National Member, you’ll get access to special training, webinars, merch, events, and a members-only online space where you can build community and ask questions. 

Find your people. From coast-to-coast, SURJ members have formed transformative bonds working together on phone banks and action zaps. This is challenging work, and we all need a team of support. Make this one yours. 

What are member responsibilities?

You align with our mission and values. Members pledge to enact the SURJ values in their political work and are aligned with SURJ’s vision for change in the world.

You take action with SURJ. National Members commit to taking action with the national organization at least three times throughout the year on phone or text banks, through volunteer support or being on a campaign leadership team.

You pay dues. In the long tradition of member-supported organizations, SURJ members give financially because they believe our work is important. As a cross-class organization that prioritizes poor and working class communities as key constituencies, our annual membership dues are offered on a sliding scale based on income. 

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