graphic shows an outline of Attica Scott with her hand up to her chin, along with the words "SURJ is proud to endorse Attica Scott for Congress, KY 03"

SURJ Endorses Attica Scott for KY-03

Can you imagine a working class Black woman from Kentucky- who was a leader in the uprisings against police brutality in Louisville in 2020- elected to US Congress to challenge the power of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul?

Attica Scott- and progressive, justice-aligned people of color candidates like her- are part of our collective path forward to beat the Right and build a multiracial democracy. 

The Far Right and corporate politicians are working to dismantle the foundations of democracy and move a racist agenda that serves no one but those at the top. To effectively fight back, we need so much more than the moderate, stay-the-course candidates the Democratic party is currently running. We know that individual candidates aren’t going to save us, but values-aligned elected officials are a part of the landscape in which we’ll win real change.

On the heels of a strong progressive showing in the Texas primaries, SURJ is thrilled to be endorsing Attica Scott who is running in the Democratic primary for Congress in Kentucky. Attica is a deeply-aligned movement candidate. She’s been a leader in Kentucky on issues like legalizing marijuana, holding police accountable and protecting abortion rights for all. 

Electing progressive candidates of color is a part of our collective path forward. It’s our work to make sure white people join the work of building towards a more just future for us all.

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