Stop the spread of Mike Johnson-style policies in their tracks: donate now!

A few hours ago, the United States House of Representatives elected 2020 election denier Mike Johnson to be Speaker of the House. The power of so-called Freedom Caucus-aligned, MAGA Republicans is growing and, unchecked, will have dire consequences on democratic process in the years to come. 

When white supremacy strikes, SURJ members roll up our sleeves and get to work. The best thing white people can be doing right now is committing to organizing our own so that the far right doesn’t. And right now, we’re doing that in Kentucky.

As we enter the final two weeks in the governor’s race where Democratic incumbent Andy Beshear is taking on Trump-endorsed, mentored-by-McConnell GOP candidate, Daniel Cameron, we have the opportunity to stop the spread of Mike Johnson-style policies in their tracks. 

This will benefit thousands of Kentuckians from trans kids to pregnant people, but will also deliver a national blow to the far right agenda.

To date, SURJ members have had over 15,000 conversions with Kentucky voters in majority white, working class, rural districts. 

Can you give a gift today to help us block this far right candidate and build SURJ’s work in this majority white Southern state?

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