Spring Fundraising Drive

We’re five months into 2024. Watching an ongoing genocide through our screens. Trump’s campaign ramping up while facing a criminal lawsuit. State after state passing laws targeting trans people and women and people of color. 

In the midst of the whirlwind, SURJ’s work is how I stay grounded. Over the last fifteen years, we have honed our strategy and developed an actionable plan to face this moment to block the worst of what’s to come, and build towards the multiracial future we all need.

Our plan is ambitious. And this year is critical. To pull it off, we need your support. Today, we’re kicking off 10 days of our Spring Fundraising Drive and asking our community to give a gift to ensure we show up powerfully alongside our partners and have the full impact I know we’re capable of.

Can you chip in today to fund SURJ’s necessary work this year? 

In 2024, we’re growing and activating our base of thousands of SURJers to organize 12 million white voters to help stop an authoritarian takeover of the federal government. And at the same time, our projects in small towns and rural communities in the South are organizing working class white people into progressive formations to change the political terrain in this county. I am proud that SURJ is a movement home with many different onramps that meet people where they are– whether it’s phonebanking to re-elect a member of the Squad or knocking on the doors of apartment buildings in rural Tennessee. Over the next ten days, we’ll be sending you updates about our work across the network and sharing more about our plans to reach many different sectors of white people and bring them into our multiracial movements for change– in 2024 and beyond. 

Can you give a gift today to help make sure this is a year where we can go big? 

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