Don’t Fight Fascism Alone!

Two years ago today, a broad coalition of white nationalist and white supremacist organizations, backed by powerful allies in the government, attacked the US Capitol. 

Since then, the racist, anti-Democratic forces that drummed up election-denial have continued to organize and amass power and influence, from capturing leadership in the House of Representatives to passing book bans and anti-trans legislation in states across the country.

As we enter 2024, we know that far right politicians backed by corporate interests have a well-resourced plan to win. Just like we saw on January 6, 2021, they will use every tactic possible to sow division amongst those of us who have everything to gain by joining together in solidarity. 

They will target people of all backgrounds and races, but let’s be honest: the overwhelming base of their support is white. They will lead with a strategy of racism in order to win over enough white people to gain more federal power.  

Those of us who are white have a responsibility to do everything we can to undermine white support for their authoritarian platforms, which, as we have seen play out across the country, have dire consequences for all of us.

Election years are special – early money really matters so that we can begin our voter outreach efforts in time to move people! Will you make a gift today to ensure SURJ has the resources it needs to fight the Right and win in 2024?

From Georgia to Kentucky, SURJ has seen massive success organizing white people away from the right and into the multiracial coalitions we need to win. SURJ runs one of the most effective voter contact programs in the country targeting working class white people who are less likely to vote for progressive candidates and issues. 

And we’ve got a plan to go big and win in 2024 to ensure we block an authoritarian takeover of the federal government.  

Not only is early money critical, but monthly support makes a huge impact. Can you join us by making a sustaining gift today?

We will organize a universe of 12 million white working class voters in key swing states– Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona. These are the types of voters we have successfully organized in the past, and they are the same voters the far right will target in those states. 

We’ll use the power of our national phone banking infrastructure to deploy thousands of highly-trained SURJ members to have tens of thousands of conversations with these voters through our shared interest organizing model, bringing white people in through the stakes of this moment and issues that affect them.

I know that when we contend for these voters, we can win them over. But we’ll need to raise the funds this year to ensure we’re as equipped as the Right. Later this month, we’ll be sending more information about how you can sign up to phone bank and knock doors with us. In the meantime, the most helpful thing you can do today is donate to support the work ahead. Will you join me in making a gift?

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