White Supremacy Characteristics: 20 year Anniversary

Webinar description:

“We are all swimming in the waters of white supremacy culture. And we are not all affected in the same way… The good news is that while white supremacy culture informs us, it does not define us… It is a construct, and anything constructed can be deconstructed and replaced.”
– Tema Okun

20 years ago, inspired by and collaborating with dozens of movement leaders, Tema Okun wrote the article, “White Supremacy Culture Characteristics.” Join Tema, SURJ and special guests from around the country to launch the new “white supremacy characteristics” website and share what we’ve been learning ‚Äčabout white supremacy culture in these last two decades. We’ll hear from Scot Nakagawa from Change Lab, NC Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green, Skill in Action’s Michelle Johnson, Vivette Jeffries-Logan of Biwa Consulting, Kari Points from Finding Freedom, SURJ’s Misha Heij-Mariano, and Cristina Rivera Chapman and Justin Robinson from Earthseed Land Collective. Join us for a night of discussion, sharing, music, and more to deepen our understanding of white supremacy culture and commit to the work of dismantling it.


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