Stop Cop City Week of Action Press Notice

On March 7th at 8 ET, Showing Up for Racial Justice will host a webinar, “The Movement to Stop Cop City: a solidarity call for people across the country” to hear from frontline organizers in Atlanta and Memphis and find out how to take action to support their work.

This webinar is part of the National Week of Action and precedes the National Day of Action Against Police Terror on March 9th, which is co-sponsored by our national partners at the Movement for Black Lives. 

SURJ has been part of the campaign to Stop Cop City. A resident of the neighborhood surrounding Cop City has filed a claim against the city as the project violates the Clean Water Act. Governor Kemp and the Georgia Legislature are backing legislation to charge protesters with outrageously trumped-up charges, undermining, a foundational right within a democratic nation. 

“This is a fight at the intersections of climate justice, privatization, racial justice and abolition in Atlanta. We’ve built support for the campaign in majority-white communities who are usually silent or antagonistic towards divestment campaigns knowing white people have everything to gain from joining fights for justice, and this fight is no different.” – Erin Heaney, Executive Director, Showing Up for Racial Justice

For more information contact:

Grover Wehman-Brown
Deputy Director of Communications, Showing Up for Racial Justice

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