Stay Stylish In Your Work: Get Our Latest Campaign Swag Now!

Have you been dying to bring a tote bag that says “Teach my white kid about racism” to the farmer’s market this year? Or maybe through being a SURJ member, you’ve fallen in love with Kentucky and need to slap a “Fight Like Hell for Kentucky” sticker on your car? 

Now’s your chance to order swag from our two campaigns: 

All in for all students– our 2023 school board work (modeled by staff organizer Sarah on the left).

“Fight like hell for Kentucky”– the 2023 Governor’s race.

Whether you’ve worked on the campaign, donated to power the work or been keeping up with updates from afar, this merch is for you.

Prices cover the cost of union-made products and shipping– and you can chip in a bit more on top to go as a donation directly to SURJ.

Then, while you’re wearing your new campaign shirt, join a phone bank:

KY governor’s race:
Thursday, Oct 12, 6 ET: Contact voters
Monday, Oct 16, 6 ET: Recruit SURJ members to take action 
Ohio school board races:
Wednesday, Oct 11,  6 ET: Voter contact
Wednesday, Oct 18, 6 ET: Voter Contact 
Wednesday, Oct 25, 6 ET: Voter Contact
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