Pride Webinar with Cynthia Nixon

Happy pride month! Whether you’re a member of the LGBT+ community or someone who loves them, June is a time when we honor queer history and celebrate how queerness makes a better world for ALL of us. It’s also a time to dig into our identities and recommit to showing up for the queer community that’s currently facing dangerous and deadly attacks from the far right.

What is the role of white queers in this time? How do we reckon with privilege and marginalization? What stories and legacies light the way for white people looking to build a more equitable world?

Join SURJ on Monday, June 17 at 8 pm ET for “White and queer: our legacy and responsibility,” a conversation for queer people and those who love them with actor and activist, Cynthia Nixon. We’ll explore these questions, the needs of this critical moment, and ways you can take action to advance the gay agenda. 

See you Monday!

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