Disability SURJ

We work to bring more white disabled people into movements for racial justice.

As white disabled people, we know we have so much to gain from joining movements for racial justice. A world that doesn’t leave people of color behind doesn’t leave us behind either. 

SURJ Disability is a collective of white disabled people who gather to connect, share, and heal in community; to love and celebrate each other and our bodies in all their ways of being. We meet to deepen our understanding of our participation in movements for justice and center race in our struggle against ableism and to hold space for the ways in which movements are often not accessible to us. 

We support SURJ’s campaigns that fight for the abolition of prisons, police, and all carceral systems because we know that people who are incarcerated and who experience police brutality and other forms of state violence are disproportionately disabled people and BIPOC. The struggle for the liberation of disabled people is one and the same as the struggle for the liberation of BIPOC.

We also support the SURJ network in deepening their integration of disability justice and access into their organizing work. 

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