Join us in Showing Up for Jamaal!

To advance racial justice at the federal level, we need more governing power in the hands of movement-aligned elected officials at Congress. Rep. Jamaal Bowman was elected in the midst of the historic racial justice uprisings in 2020, and has been a champion of racial justice policies- things like protecting teaching racial justice in schools and fighting for a ceasefire in Gaza- since then.

Coming off the heels of our massive victory in Rep. Summer Lee’s race, SURJ is pivoting to protect Rep. Bowman’s seat in NY-16. Join SURJ and Rep. Bowman on Wednesday, May 18 at 8 pm ET to discuss why these primaries matter– and the important role white people play.

Bowman’s challenger, George Lattimer, was recruited by AIPAC and has already received $600,000 from the far right-aligned Super PAC. And just like Summer Lee’s opponent, he has begun accepting large checks from MAGA super donors. These donors have been responsible for putting far right candidates in office who are banning books about racial justice, criminalizing protest, and gutting abortion rights.

SURJ is going big in this race because Rep. Bowman’s district is overwhelmingly white. Lattimer and those who fund him are going to use racist dog whistles in an attempt to peel away white support for Bowman. So SURJ will be intervening to move voters to reject racism and show up to protect the movement-aligned bloc in congress. 

To win on issues we care about, like Palestinian liberation and climate justice, we must protect Rep. Bowman’s seat and not lose it to a centrist, far-right funded challenger.

Join SURJ in conversation with Rep. Bowman to hear about why this race matters and why we need white people across the country to show up.

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