image shows text of the webinar description that reads "Combating antisemitism: join us for a deeper dive into how antisemitism works, and how that insight leads us towards solidarity for Palestinian freedom." Below the text is three black and white photos of the panelists: Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, Enzi Tanner, LSW, and Dove Kent

Combating Antisemitism

In this webinar, we break down how antisemitism upholds white supremacy historically and today, and how, in light of that connection, we can all show up more powerfully in combating antisemitism and fighting for the rights and dignity of Palestinians.

Panelists include Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg from Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council, Dove Kent, USA Director of Strategy and Outreach at Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism Project, and Enzi Tanner, LSW.

Watch the webinar here.

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