Calling White People In, To Strengthen and Grow our Movements

The external conditions we are facing as people working for justice are immensely challenging right now. And, as much as we strive to live out our values in our own communities, the conditions we are facing in our movements are also challenging. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about call outs, the internal culture of progressive movements, and how we can build a movement big enough to take on the threats we face.

SURJ has spent the last 12 years practicing one of our central values of calling white people in, not out, and adrienne maree brown has been at the forefront of helping movement communities orient around abolitionist values of care and belonging. This moment is ripe for exploring these connections.

This webinar features SURJ leaders in conversation with author and emergent strategist adrienne maree brown to explore why we need collective practices of calling in and how we can build a spiritually and emotionally well-resourced culture for white organizers.

Click here to view the webinar.

Click here to access the transcript.

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