Spring 2021 Donor Update

In this moment, as we see the rise of white nationalist and white supremacist violence and voter suppression bills introduced in 40 state houses, the right is pouring resources into maintaining the loyalty of the majority of white people and

Defund the police toolkit

Updated July 2020

In the midst of the Black-led mass uprisings across the globe calling for and end to police murders, SURJ created this toolkit for white communities to learn and take action around calls to invest money in

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We all saw the map at the end of the election. Despite the brilliant victories in Georgia, and finally ousting Trump from the White House, we know that millions of white people are living in communities dominated by right-wing politicians

If We’re Not Organizing White People, Somebody Else Is

SURJ staff members Erin Heaney, Evelyn Lynn, and Sarah Stockholm contributed to Organizing Upgrade’s series of “Hot Takes” in the 2020 election season:

After Obama’s election, we saw a rise in the strategic use of racism to keep working

Movements Mobilize to Interrupt a Coup

By Marcy Rein, Organizing Upgrade
Vocalize Protest Persist Resist by Amanda Sanchez for Power to the Polls at amplifier.org

Right before the 2020 election, SURJ National Director spoke with Organizing Upgrade about the Right’s strategy to maintain power and SURJ’s efforts

What are the threats we face?

Webinar description: The context for the 2020 Presidential elections includes a global COVID-19 pandemic, mass rebellion against racism and police violence, and gains of the far-right in elected office and in the streets. What are the threats we face at

Your big questions about race, answered

From CNN

SURJ’s Communications Director, Grace Aheron, spoke with CNN about how to engage with white people in conversations about race:

As a White person, how do I speak to my White friends about their racist beliefs?

Confronting your friends

Building a Culture of Resistance to State Repression

Webinar description: Because our movement has been organizing so effectively to defund the police under the call from Black leadership, and mass numbers of folks are taking to the streets in multiracial formation, the Trump administration is responding in

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