Graphic shows black and white photos of Heather McGhee and Erin Heaney in front of a rainbow gradient. Text reads "Beyond Zero Sum: Heather McGhee and Erin Heaney on white people's shared interest in racial and economic justice"

Beyond Zero Sum: Heather McGhee on white people’s shared interest in racial and economic justice

“The answer is cross-racial solidarity. Nothing important has ever been accomplished by one person. I can recycle all I want – I can’t stop climate change by myself. When race is so often used to divide us, it takes us coming together across lines of race.-Heather McGhee

At SURJ, we believe that racism is employed by the wealthy elite to make white people believe they have more in common with a white billionaire than the people of color in their neighborhoods. The truth is, white people have so much to gain- a shared interest- in fighting for racial and economic justice.

In this webinar, SURJ’s National Director, Erin Heaney is in conversation with Heather McGhee, political strategist and author of “The Sum of Us,” to explore the history of strategic racism and how white people can organize their own communities away from a “zero sum” mentality and towards an understanding of their shared interest in fights for justice.

Click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

Click here to access a transcript of the webinar.

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