Zoom meeting with grid of SURJ staff members

Monthly Racial Justice Action Hours

Ready to get off the sidelines and into action to support campaigns to close detention centers and jails, push for police accountability, pass progressive legislation and more? Join us.

Protestors with sign 'Stop Cop City' and 'Fund Communities Not Police'

Stop Cop City

Stop Cop City is a campaign to block the construction of a new militarized police training center in Atlanta and preserve the Weelaunee Forest. If built, Cop City would have a devastating effect on the people of Atlanta – most

Election Wins Fuel Long Push to End Cash Bail

Read about how Louisville SURJ’s year-round organizing with working-class white people to end cash bail resulted in electing 7 new judges who are more aligned with their goals.

“Our goals are to grow a base of support, predominately in majority

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