November 23, 2021

image shows a group of about 15 white people outside under a tree in a neighborhood. They are holding signs that say "Kim Beaty for sheriff"

2021 Buffalo Sheriff’s Race

In the 2021 Buffalo Sheriff’s Race, SURJ Buffalo joined a multi-racial coalition of local partners to do our part to disrupt the cycle of violence in the Erie County sheriff’s office. Though our candidate, Kim Beaty, did not win the

image shows a large group of white people sitting in a park pavillion, raising their hands. Many of them are wearing black tshirts that say "citizens for a safer Cleveland."

Citizens For a Safer Cleveland

In the 2021 general election, SURJ Ohio members in Cleveland, Ohio joined a multiracial coalition of Black-led partner organizations to mobilize voters and win on Issue 24 — a ballot initiative that will create the most powerful  police civilian review

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