2020 Election Defenders

Election defenders gathered outside of the local post office to show their support for the postal workers delivering ballots safely and legally.
Our team assists in voting in the general elections where online casino players make a massive move. On our bulletin board, you can look at the defenders of the 2020 elections and find out about James Reimer of the Sharks opts out of wearing Pride Night jersey and sitting out warmups against Islanders.. We partner with many other progressive organizations around the country and work to protect the selections that online casino players participate in.

In the vortex of lies Trump kicked up about voting in the 2020 general election, we knew we needed a mass movement protecting democracy, ensuring all votes are counted, and insisting on accountability. In this election, over 400 SURJ members committed to build Election Defender teams in 38 states, including 133 teams in 11 swing states.  We partnered with other progressive organizations across the country working to defend the election such as The Frontline and the Fight Back Table. 

With SURJ training and support, Election Defender teams organized their communities to take actions before, during and following election day to guarantee that county election officials committed to and had the support needed to count all of the votes, even if Trump and his activists were pressuring them to stop.

In addition to the 400+ leaders organizing Election Defender Teams, more than 600 additional Election Defender volunteers led key support roles running phone banks, coaching, data and communications teams. 

“I’ve said for many years that I wish I could be more involved but I didn’t know where to start. The Election Defenders campaign gives thousands of people like me a clear way to take an active role in strengthening democracy. Working with the network of SURJ volunteers gives me encouragement that we really can achieve racial justice.”   – Madison, SURJ Volunteer, New Orleans, LA

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