2020 Election Defenders

Election defenders gathered outside of the local post office to show their support for the postal workers delivering ballots safely and legally.

In the vortex of lies Trump kicked up about voting in the 2020 general election, we knew we

Swing GA Left- defeating Trump in Georgia

The people of this country – led by communities of color – voted out Donald Trump. And SURJ was proud to do our part to contribute towards that defeat.

Swing GA Left members on one of our many phone banks.

GAining Ground: winning the Georgia Senate Run-off

In the 2021 GA Senate Run-off, SURJ’s GAining Ground campaign joined a multi-racial coalition of movement organizations to do our part to defeat Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue and elect Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. SURJ ran door-knocking

What If We Just Stopped Calling the Cops?

By Emma Ockerman at Vox
Illustration by Grace Shin/VICE News

George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis Police Department Officer Derek Chauvin one year ago today, an event that spurned the largest mass uprising the globe has even seen and bringing

Palestinian Liberation is a Racial Justice Issue

Webinar description: Join SURJ and friends to learn more about what’s going on in Israel and Palestine right now, how we got here, and how Palestinian liberation is a racial justice issue that ties into our broader vision for collective

White Supremacy Characteristics: 20 year Anniversary

Webinar description:

“We are all swimming in the waters of white supremacy culture. And we are not all affected in the same way… The good news is that while white supremacy culture informs us, it does not define us… It

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