We work to bring more white disabled people into movements for racial justice.

As white disabled people, we know we have so much to gain from joining movements for racial justice. A world that doesn’t leave people of color behind doesn’t leave us behind either. 

SURJ Disability is a collective of white disabled people who gather to connect, share, and heal in community; to love and celebrate each other and our bodies in all their ways of being. We meet to deepen our understanding of our participation in movements for justice and center race in our struggle against ableism and to hold space for the ways in which movements are often not accessible to us. 

We support SURJ’s campaigns that fight for the abolition of prisons, police, and all carceral systems because we know that people who are incarcerated and who experience police brutality and other forms of state violence are disproportionately disabled people and BIPOC. The struggle for the liberation of disabled people is one and the same as the struggle for the liberation of BIPOC.

We also support the SURJ network in deepening their integration of disability justice and access into their organizing work. 

SURJ Disability meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month! Reach out to SURJ’s Disability and Access Co-Coordinators, Amanda@surjaction.org or Micah@surjaction.org, for more info. You can also check out our Facebook page here.

Disability SURJ values

  • Trust the process: we are right where we need to be
  • Radical acceptance & radical access
  • Disabled leadership is what this moment needs, and at SURJ, that leadership is us!
    • We don’t overextend ourselves
    • Sustainability in slowing down, moving with intention
    • Working against and recovering from the opposing forces we must contend with daily, both in this work and in everyday life
      • Broader culture (racial capitalism, ableism, imperialism)
      • Organizational culture
      • Internalized ableism
  • Vulnerability, love: Holding space for trauma & recognizing when it shows up (healing/recovering collectively)
  • Creating, safeguarding, and empowering CRIP SPACE
  • Disabled people are the architects of this work
  • Clear communication, plain language: consent
  • Prioritize organizing poor and working class & Southern/rural Crips
  • Disability-informed abolition
  • NO passing/assimilation necessary 
    • Bold, accountable leadership
    • Not going along (with the status quo, abled expectations, etc.) to get along
    • Strive to be resilient to assimilation into abled values/expectations/culture/etc.
  • Mutual interest: Supporting & growing each other’s leadership
  • Interdependence
    • The whole (Disability SURJ) is bigger, greater than its individual parts
    • We may have different roles, but all contributions are equally important & valuable
      • The quality of our work is less if we don’t do it together
      • Our work is good because we do it together
      • community/collective gain >>> individual gain
  • We default to building & strengthening trust (between us, our team, folks we organize)
  • We do not overextend ourselves
    • No exceptionalism
    • We erode ableism
  • We and only we are the architects & directors of Disability SURJ
  • Our body of work/program builds a political home for white antiracist Crips – a pipeline to deeper involvement in movement work
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