Clarissa Rogers

Photo of Clarissa Rogers

Operations and Finance Director

Clarissa Rogers has a long history of operations work for nonprofit social justice organizations, including working for Iraq Veterans Against the War and Military Families Speak Out, and as the former President of New Society Education Foundation. She does administrative consulting that focuses on capacity building, creating best practices, long-range planning, facilitation, and workshop design. She is a former SURJ Leadership Team member, and a member of the SURJ Poor & Working Class Caucus. She has studied at the Freire Institute and at Goddard College where her BA focused on radical pedagogy and her MA focused on Cross-Cultural Relationship Building. She lived in Philadelphia, PA, for twelve years doing racial justice and decarceration organizing in multi-racial coalitions, but now is a rural organizer in Cape Vincent, NY, a tiny village on the New York-Canadian border. She is a writer, facilitator and pedagogy nerd who believes that liberating our minds and healing our communities can be a wacky adventure full of joy and fun, even in a world that routinely breaks our hearts.

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