Image shows white woman with curly brown and purple hair wearing a red and white sweater and silver necklace smiling.

Rebecca Vilkomerson

Board member

Rebecca Vilkomerson (she/her) is a long-time community organizer. From 2009-2019, she was the Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, a grassroots membership organization working from an anti-Zionist framework for the freedom and equality of all people in Israel/Palestine. She’s currently Co-Director of Funding Freedom, a philanthropy organizing project. She’s passionate about organizing, passionate about movement-building, winning strategic campaigns that build power to end white supremacy and capitalism and about being attentive to the infrastructure and processes needed to do all that sustainably and for the long haul.

Rebecca is a white, Jewish, cishet class-privileged person who is committed to working class and BIPOC leadership of our movements. She lives in Brooklyn with her family, and when not organizing you’ll probably find her walking her dog or working on her latest knitting project.

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