Micah Peace

Photo of Micah Peace

Disability Access Co-Coordinator

Micah Peace (they/them) is a Queer, multiply Disabled organizer and advocate from Louisville, KY. Their work focuses on creating spaces and building relationships that empower people of all abilities to work together to dismantle the oppressive, interconnected systems of Racism & Ableism, and to support one another as we heal from our experiences with these oppressive systems. Grounded in an intersectional, interdisciplinary approach, Micah strives to promote access for all through creativity, empathy, and collaboration. They are passionate about the connections between mental health, systemic oppression, and social relationships, and building power through storytelling and the arts. Micah is a founding member of the Kentuckiana Autistic Spectrum Alliance (KASA) and a member of the Independence Seekers Project. They hold a B.A. in Integrative Studies with concentrations in Psychology, Social Justice, and Organizational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University.

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