Imager shows white woman with short dark hair wearing a funky black and white blazer, necklace, a pin with a K on it, and blue glasses. She is tipping a tan cowboy hat and holding a small disco ball with an adorably small pink cowboy hat on it.

Kari Points

Board member

Kari Points is a white dyke who grew up working class in small-town Southern Indiana as a ward of the state and adoptee. Kari is a liberation facilitator, anti-racist genealogist, coach and political educator based in Durham, North Carolina. For 35 years, she’s organized for collective liberation grounded in shared interest. She took her organizing baby steps in Indiana around rural barriers to library access, state violence against families, and Christian supremacy. For five years at Ipas, she supported coalitions in Malawi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone to change colonial-era abortion laws and improve women’s and girls’ access to safe abortion care. Since 2017, she has co-led the organizing team We Are Finding Freedom, an experiential, somatics-based project that supports white women and genderqueers to work through our collective mess so we can stop colluding with white supremacy and patriarchy, show up better in multiracial movements, and love our white communities into a healthier future for all. Her passions include understanding the present by studying the past, learning languages, making her friends cackle, and living the lesbian dream by vacationing with her cat whenever possible.

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