Image shows a white person smiling and wearing a black newsboy cap and a white patterned collared shirt with sunglasses hanging on the collar. They have black gauge earrings and are standing in front of a pink background.

Dahlia Ferlito

Board member

Dahlia Ferlito (they/them) is a white, queer, non-binary anti-racist organizer and co-founder of White People for Black Lives. They believe that white people are responsible for ending the white supremacist system. To do so, white people must: remain organized, challenge white silence about racism, work in solidarity with — and take the lead from — people of color-led movements, and acquire the skills needed to interrupt racism on all levels. They’re committed to continuous self-education and showing up in healthy ways without reproducing the harm of white supremacy in activist spaces. They grew up in a working class city outside of Boston, MA and currently live in Los Angeles. They have a mixed class background, grew up working class into adulthood, and now in middle class. Their writing can be found on Medium, KNOCK-LA and LA Progressive.

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